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Here at GnERGY, we believe that Gas and electricity jargon can be complicated no doubt. To tackle this, we have a well trained and experienced customer service team to help you with anything gas and electricity.

When you switch to us from your previous supplier, the transition will be seamless. Problems understanding your bill? No problem, we take our time to deal with our customers and explain in easy and simple terms. One of the guiding principal of GnERGY is Quality over Quantity as cliche as it sounds.

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More Help & Advice Q&A's

Q: Should I cancel my old supplier’s Direct Debit?

It is advisable to cancel your direct debit payment with your old supplier once you have cleared your final bill, however, you may cancel it earlier but must be prepared to clear the final bill when received by other means i.e. cheque, bank transfer, card payment etc.

Q: What if my current supplier says I can't transfer?

If your current supplier says you can't transfer, we suggest you ring them and discuss it with them directly to see if you can resolve the issue.

The reason is usually that there are outstanding debts that have yet to be paid to your current supplier. If you clear all your debts with your current supplier, usually we will easily be able to transfer your account to GnERGY.

For any other reason, please contact us and we will try to help you solve the problem as soon as possible.

Q: How do you calculate my Direct Debit?

Your direct debit charges will be calculated based on your household estimates.

Q: What if I decide to change back to my previous supplier?

If you’re not happy with us (but we’re sure you will be!) you are free to leave at any time with no penalties. If you would like to switch back to your previous supplier all you need to do is give us 28 days' notice before you go.

Q: How can you provide such cheap energy?

Our offices are located in a local community area so we don’t have expensive renting costs

We are also a relatively small group organisation so our costs are lower than other large corporate organisations