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Here at GnERGY, we believe that Gas and electricity jargon can be complicated no doubt. To tackle this, we have a well trained and experienced customer service team to help you with anything gas and electricity.

When you switch to us from your previous supplier, the transition will be seamless. Problems understanding your bill? No problem, we take our time to deal with our customers and explain in easy and simple terms. One of the guiding principal of GnERGY is Quality over Quantity as cliche as it sounds.

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Bills and Payments Q&A's

Q: Can I change my Direct Debit date?

We can only offer two direct debit collection dates, the 1st or the 15th day of each month. When there is a need to alter your payment dates all you need to do is inform us by telephone on 01252 494141 or email us.

Q: How often do you review my Direct Debit amount?

The monthly direct debit payments are reviewed as and when required. As soon as we receive your meter readings your account is readjusted and should there be a need to review your direct debit you will be informed accordingly (please note we are in the process of reviewing our scheme and may soon be introducing a variable direct debit payment when the amount collected will be in line with your monthly bill). Where we do not receive any meter readings we can only review the direct debit payment annually. This is not the preferred choice.

Q: When will I get my final bill from my old supplier?

This can take up to 6 weeks. It is therefore crucial for you to provide your opening meter readings to negate any delays. Should your existing supplier inform you that GnERGY have not provided them with the meter readings, this can be that the readings are still being confirmed with the National Data, a regulatory requirement and can take up to four weeks. Additionally, your existing supplier may be confirming the readings at their end. As the responsibility of providing you with your final bill lies with your existing supplier we cannot confirm the exact time it can take, but from our own experience, it usually between four to six weeks.

Q: Why should I pay by direct debit?

One obvious benefit is that you can spread your cost throughout the year which could possibly help you to budget more easily.

If you choose to pay by direct debit, you will reduce your energy bill by 3%. Setting up is quick and easy. All you need is your bank account number and sort code.

Q: What are standing charges?

Standing charges are a fixed cost for your gas and electricity supply, which are charged on a daily basis. These standing charges help to contribute to an energy supplier’s costs such as meter reading and maintenance.

Q: What if I keep getting bills from my old supplier?

If this is happening, you are probably best to contact your previous supplier as we unfortunately do not have permission to contact them on your behalf. Nevertheless, if you are concerned then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you as much as we can.

Q: What if my bill is wrong?

If you think we have charged you the wrong amount for your energy usage then please ring us on 01252 494141 as soon as possible and we will look into it for you. If we have overcharged you we will obviously make sure we arrange a refund for you.