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What we don't do

Here is a list of things we as GnERGY do not currently supply too.

What GnERGY do not supply to currently?


1.Half hourly meters

A half hour electricity meter is a specialized kind of business electricity meter. The meter is connected via a phone line and automatically sends updated meter readings to the energy supplier every half hour.

This kind of meters are used by larger business such as factories or industries and should have a maximum demand of 100kW or greater in any half hour period during the day.

2.Profile classes 5-8

Most Profile classes 5-8 has advanced meter capable of being read remotely and recording Half hourly consumption. However there is no mandate to settle these into Half hourly capable meters on a Half hourly meters.

3.Electricity Prepayment meters

An Electricity Prepayment meter is the meter that let you pay for your electricity on a pay as you go basis. They work a bit like a pay as you go mobile phone. You have to top up with credit to use your electricity.


1.IGT customers

Gas meter number starting with 74, 75, 76 or 77 has IGT pipelines stored. It's more likely to operate the gas distribution system if you live in a newer home that was built after 1995 when the market was opened to the competition.

2.Gas Prepayment meters

A Gas Prepayment meter is similar to the electricity Prepayment meter that let you pay for your gas on a pay as you go basis. You have to top up with credit to use your gas.


1.Warm Home Discounts

The Warm Home Discount offers a customer an annual benefit of £140 (VAT Inc.) on their electricity bills.

2.Feed in tariffs

The scheme provides an individual to own low carbon energy generation systems (e.g. solar panels, wind turbines or any other renewable technology types) to generate the electricity. This energy then directly feeds into the customer regular electricity supply needs whilst the FIT scheme also pays set amount for each unit generated.