Our Agents

Lowri Beck Services

Lowri Beck has been working with GnERGY for few years now. Lowri Beck provides great service and have years of experience. LB engineers visit customers’ properties to ensure the meter is read and that the meter is in working order. Lowri Beck engineers will visit customers once a year as regular visit and/or can be booked for a scheduled visit to read the meters as per request.

How will customer recognise the engineer?

All Lowri Beck employees will explain to you that they are representing GnERGY when they arrive and will display their ID badge. If no one is at home when they come, all Lowri Beck employees will leave a card to let you know they have visited. Lowri Beck meter readers use their own vehicles with metallic, magnetic Lowri Beck signs applied to their front doors.

Magnum Utilities

Magnum started working with GnERGY only recently. Magnum have provided an excellent service to GnERGY customers. They are efficient and professional with fantastic service which is why GnERGY chose to work with Magnum. Magnum engineers carries out any job regarding the meter for example: meter exchange, meter investigation, meter removal/ installation etc.

How will customer recognise the engineer?

All our engineers have branded Magnum vans and a magnum uniform. They will also carry a magnum ID pass, but if the customer is ever in doubt or unsure then advise them to give our enquiry team a call. We’ll be more than happy to help and confirm identity.

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